Pre Departure List for Students Going Abroad to Study

When it is time to bid adieu to India, students feel nervous. You are not alone in this journey. Many students go overseas to pursue higher studies. But before you leave, there are a lot of things you need to consider as you are going there to study and not for a vacation. So, don’t be scared as we can be done all the homework for you. 

Pre-departure check-list for international students 

Here is the checklist which you should read before you proceed: 

  • Full body check-up: Get the checkup done from here, as treatments are quite expensive in the US. 
  • Vaccinations: Each university has its list of vaccinations, so check them out and get them on time. 
  • Insurance: Student health insurance is required for studying in universities abroad. 
  • Medicines: Take basic medicines with you. You might not get all the medicines over the counter. 

Study abroad to-do list for booking tickets: 

  • Book your tickets immediately and book your Visa interview
  • Look for other aspirants with the help of higher education consultants in the UK going to the same university as yours and team up to get group discounts. 

Study abroad checklist for clothes to carry along with you: 

  • Take a few extra pairs of clothes with you as finding a laundry can be difficult
  • Carry location-specific clothes since the same country can offer a wide variation in climate
  • Take bed sheets and covers if there is space in your suitcase
  • Don’t forget to carry your toiletries 
  • Carry some basic utensils and food items 

Documents to be carried for study abroad: 

Keep important University Documents: 

  • University specific letters such as admits, aid, and forms
  • Original transcripts 
  • I-20
  • Syllabus copies 
  • Documents related to vaccination and other health reports
  • Fee receipt 

The important Travel and ID documents: 

  • Passport photocopy
  • VISA photocopy
  • Air ticket 

The important educational documents: 

  • Original mark sheets
  • Attested mark sheets
  • Degree certificate
  • Final year project report 
  • Recommendation letters 
  • GRE and TOEFL mark sheets 

Foreign currency to carry for study abroad: 

  • It is advisable to carry around $1000 in currency. The rest of the money can be taken as forex cards. You can carry some loose change for calling or eating while traveling. 
  • Forex cards are preferentially priced so consider carrying most of the money in the forex cards. If you still don’t have got one, it’s the right time. 
  • For tuition fees, it is best to provide the money straight to the university. Get the best exchange rates and pay your tuition fees through a wire transfer service. 

The Bottom Line 

If you have any other questions in mind, you can take consultation from the best agency for studying abroad. With the best team, you can learn about the ‘pre-departure’ team where you can easily ask your questions regarding this stage of your journey or find questions that others have posted to learn from their experience. With the right guidance, you won’t miss out on anything important. The experts can guide you and help you succeed in your career. So, pack your bad and have a safe journey. 

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