Location can play an important role in selecting a University. For example while living in London can present its charm, at the same time, it can mean a higher living expense and non-campus based student life. So we carefully help students’ select best-suited location, based on their individual preferences and life style.



Our advisers help students select best university options available to them with reasonable fees and best scholarship combinations. This is in addition to bringing into consideration the part-time work opportunities available in the local cities that the student can benefit from.


Campus Type

Some universities are campus-based universities wherein the teaching, accommodation and social activities all take place in the same place and some universities are non-campus or City universities. While the campus-based universities tend to give students a sense of belonging, non-campus universities can give students a feeling of independence.


Student Life

Student life is the time to study, time to gain maximum exposure, time to try different activities and time to explore oneself. Through student life and student activities, students get an opportunity to get involved in various activities outside of studies. Different universities offer different opportunities to students.



There are two kinds of accommodations that students can choose to stay at while pursuing a course in UK:

Private Rented Houses where students can choose to share private houses with a couple of other friends. These are best booked once a student is in UK.

Student Accommodations can be further divided in two categories:

University Managed Accommodation (UMA): This type of accommodation is usually provided within university campus itself or in the community where university has arranged its private hostels.

Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). The PBSA are the student hostels that are privately managed. They are modernly built; provide more up-to-date infrastructure and hence provide more competitive prices.

To provide our students greater options in selection of their student accommodation in UK, we have partnered with Uni-lodgers to give them best options for Purpose Built Student Accommodation.