Course and University Selection Advisory

We have our own advisory section to navigate you for selection of your career pathway. Depending on your past qualifications and experience, our education expert cell will be able to suggest you to the right course and the universities offering those courses. We try to restrict the first choice to our candidates with the option of courses, their level, scope and choice of university, if any. Many a times if a candidate feels helpless in choosing the right option for him, we start our support with the points of suggestion to solve the queries rising in his mind. This will be a step by step process as follows.

  1. Submit the Laurels Education Student Form duly filled in to us.
  2. Put your all the entries required for your basic profile information.
  3. Put all the information about your studies and experiences throughout starting from your year / standard 10 onwards.
  4. Do not hide your information regarding your legal status in the country you are residing at the moment.
  5. Please mention all the Visa status for approval / refusal to any country (and not restricted to UK only) including your all visitor visa entries as well.
  6. Our Education Expert cell will go through your entire student form in depth.
  7. We will look for the options of your choice first to suggest the best courses and universities for you.
  8. If in case you are not able to make a choice and need some guidelines to look further for your career, our experts will start a step by step navigation to help you reach your goal.
  9. Your counselor / consultant will need to have to go through your past profile deeply and will suggest you the closest approaching courses to you experience and knowledge.

To get more information or to get linked to us for your career, please email us on